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The African product market is a fast-growing one, with stiff competition as companies are always pondering on new ways to develop and introduce intriguing and useful products to the market. Being unique and outstripping the rest of the pack really isn’t an option and what other way to do that than embarking on a journey of digital products with a company that truly knows and understands your product.

Product Strategy
Caption: Product Manager brainstorming ideas for a new product strategy

At Smart foundry, your product is king, and finding new ways to manage, strategize, develop, and research on the market while creating design sprints and consulting you in the process, the best possible solutions for your product are unquestionably at the core of what we do.

We help manage your product by incorporating the experience gathered from managing a host of different digital products in the market. Our product managers have different contextual approaches ranging from business to technology through which they can ponder and help align teams together on a shared vision, mission, and plan that would best work for your product.

Strategy is at the center of it all and ensuring that you have the right and most effective one is pivotal to the success of your product in the market. At Smart foundry, developing the best strategies for your product is essential as it helps provide clarity to the team involved, allowing for better and quicker decision-making during the product development process.  

For any product to succeed in the market, thorough research and analysis of the product’s viability in the market are essential. And we do this by progressively interacting with potential users as research is part and parcel of the product development process.

The development of your product is an integral part of the process, and our team of developers is here to help you build that product in the best way possible. Whether the product is new, already existing or one that is being launched in an entirely new market, our advanced tech solutions and accurate business propositions will help you rightfully nurture your product.

Product Development
Caption: Product developer in action

Design sprints are one of the key secrets that make our team deliver the finest customer-centric products. Design sprints help us identify the key pain points, ideate solutions, and validate actionable next steps for your digital product in the most cost-effective way possible.

We also go a step further by consulting you through our personnel who have insightful knowledge of the industry and products. Gathering accurate answers to client inquiries through analyzing their requirements in the pursuit of providing optimal digital products that would thrive in any market.

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