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Smart Foundry is a Venture Studio, that creates and builds multiple startup In-House companies that solve African challenges by forming strategic partnerships to scale and impact.

We thrive on a legacy of crafting, launching, and expanding digital wonders like M-Paper evolving into the thriving Rifaly - boasting 100k users and a 50% annual revenue growth. Leveraging this expertise, we're now forging ahead with exciting ventures like Kwanza and Ishi, currently in the development phase, destined to revolutionize industries.

Why us

Tailored Solutions for Africa

Our venture studio specializes in building in-house startups crafted specifically to address and overcome the unique challenges faced by African communities. From ideation to execution, our focus remains steadfast on solutions designed to make a meaningful impact across the continent.

Why us

Local Expertise, Global Vision

With an in-depth understanding of African markets, we fuse local expertise with a global mindset. Our ventures are crafted to make a tangible impact while meeting international standards.

Why us

Proven Impact

Smart Foundry is driven by results. Our track record speaks volumes—our in-house startups have already made tangible, measurable impacts across various sectors in Africa. We're dedicated to fostering ventures that bring about real, lasting change.

Why us

Scaling Together

Alone, we're strong; together, we're unstoppable. Smart Foundry forms partnerships that elevate startups, amplifying reach and impact.

Why us

Beyond Solutions

It's not about solving; it's about transforming. Our ventures drive change that reverberates through every corner of the continent.


Let's build something awesome together!

Email info@smartfoundry.co or call +255 753 551 549

Where ?

  • House No. 346,
  • Senga Road Mikocheni A,
  • Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

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