Smart Africa Group Launch

When you talk about platforms to be reckoned with in Tanzania and Africa at large surely the name “SAG” comes to mind. But what is SAG? When and how did it begin to start with? SAG - “Smart Africa Group” is an umbrella company that consists of 5 subsidiaries: Smart Codes, Smart Lab, Smart Studio, Smart Nology, and Smart Foundry.

Edwin Bruno

The idea of what then later became SAG was conceptualized back in 2010 when the founder, Edwin Bruno, was in university. Smart Codes was then incorporated in 2014 as an LLC and has grown from 6 people to more than 60 people working across different departments and services in 2020. Throughout this time the focus of the company has been pushing forward digital transformation for its clients and partners. This has not changed; however, the company is setting the stage to do even more in the same direction.

Smart Codes is an advertising and communication agency dealing with everything from strategy, digital, creative, media, events, activations, and public relations. It is a 360 full-service agency through which clients can get assistance with pretty much anything concerning their brand and marketing space.

Smart Lab on the other hand functions as a private innovation lab and accelerator focusing on accelerator programs, skills development programs, talent, space, and events.

Smart Studio is the production hub of SAG, which focuses on creating and producing innovative content for our clients in various forms of media such as photos, videos, audio, animations, and more.

The Smart Nology subsidiary covers a wide range of tech and digital services ranging all the way from web technology, payment integration, mobile application development, all the way to gaming and raffle tools.

Our last subsidiary; Smart Foundry deals with products and specifically the whole product lifecycle from strategy, design, development, and management. We are the heart and soul of your product as we design, develop, research, and manage it all the way to the market through our advanced digital and tech solutions that have been designed to suit all markets and most specifically the African one.

Smart Foundry

At Smart foundry, attention to detail is key as market research and product management are at the core of what we do to ensure that your product is tested to work and thrive in an African market. We guarantee the smooth development of your product with segmented design sprints that will give you the desired results at a mutually agreed timeline. We also go further by strategizing and consulting you on how best to move forward with your product whether new or already existing in the market.

The main mission of SAG is to build a platform company that will enable African brands to make a mark on the world through technology, media, and innovation. Creating SAG enables the company to manage growth and increase the trust that our clients and partners have placed upon us to deliver quality service and keep their interests at the core of what we do. The different services we offer have also grown to a point where they can stand on their own.

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