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The digital revolution has completely transformed how we live. The world is more connected now than ever before making information an important resource governing our communities. Luckily, the growth and improvement of technology have made it incredibly easier to communicate, purchase goods and services, reach foreign markets, get access to education and of course stay informed at the comfort of our homes, offices, and other remote settings.

Recognizing the importance of staying informed at all times with the most current news and information be it political, business and trade, entertainment, or sports, we are more than excited to introduce M-Paper for Business.

Information is key in corporate settings, however, accessing relevant information can be quite challenging. M-Paper for Business is a service that ensures you and your team stay up to date with the most current information on newspapers and magazines right at your fingertips. Even more, with M-Paper for Business, you can easily access old editions of all newspapers and magazines available on the platform.


Why M-Paper for Business? 


Instant Global Coverage

With M-Paper for business, you are fully guaranteed access to more publications despite where your staff is located globally. We ensure a supply of everyday publications of newspapers and magazines to the entire team in real-time. M-Paper enables your team to access significant information about relevant topics in different industries and other global factors that may influence the way you conduct business. M-Paper for business not only provides a more sophisticated way of reading news, but it also provides access to high-quality materials that will completely transform your reading experience. 


Unbeatable Savings

The old school way of reading newspapers poses way too many disappointments from delays, the unreliability of vendors, time consumption, and limited access to your favorite editions. The good news is, all these can be solved by a click with M-Paper for business. Get all-time access to your favorite editions under a single subscription. With M-Paper for business, we have revolutionized how teams access news and information from the most prominent publishers, all available in one subscription.

Reliable Back Copies

We have simplified how you access news and information significant to your business at any time through your mobile device. M-Paper for business comes with a database of newspapers and magazines dated in the past and present, therefore, gives readers a unique experience whereas one can simply access specific editions by date. No more losing important information, with M-Paper for business, you can easily access important business tenders, campaigns, listings, and other information relevant to your business down to specific dates that were published.


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