Lets Talk Digital Products - Eureka Hour

23 Nov 2021

10 Min. Read


Smart Foundry is inviting all investors, business owners, innovators, and corporates to its very first “Eureka Hour” series of events this Friday 26th of November 2021. This will be the very first of this series of events hosted by Smart foundry which aims at creating a space for all things digital and precisely issues on “digital products”.

What does it really take to develop and oversee successful digital products that fit into the Tanzanian and African market at large? It is questions like these that drive these debates on to a moment of “Eureka” where something new is digested or realized among a panel of tech enthusiasts.


At the “Eureka Hour,” it’s these moments of awe that bring meaning to the whole panel. As we discover and unravel some of the most pressing issues and concerns facing our existing local digital products and what measures we can take to enhance them or rather shy away from replicating these issues/deficiencies. Let’s get talking about digital products, their challenges, and the different solutions that we can adapt and learn from one another in the process and course of instigating a positive change in our community – the digital way.


We understand that problems and challenges in the community are infinite, but these much-needed discussions can spark the change that we need in our society. Together we can help one another in developing more convenient digital products that will aid and stir change in the community. By incorporating the right technology and insights from these panels we can successfully solve these challenges and hence foster a better environment for our society. Join us as we discourse about local digital products and their successes and failures this Friday from 17:30 – 18:30 hrs. Let’s bring about change in our communities through a chat on digital products. Click here to sign up for the webinar.

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