Crafting Digital Products

06 Sep 2021

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When you talk about digital products, you are referring to a fast-growing industry in which technology and innovation play an essential role. And what blueprint we must follow to cultivate a digital product from ideation right to its functionality and success in the market is truly special to every product depending on its niche, audience, and the intangible service it provides to its end-users. 

At Smart foundry, we are proud of our products as they are a representation of our diligence in nurturing and crafting products – the digital way through advanced technology and ingenious innovation. 

It is our mission to ensure that our products cater to the needs of users by leaving a lasting impression on users as every detail is fine-tuned right to the very end. There are a number of products that Smart foundry has developed and seen through right to their introduction into the market. Some of these include M-Paper which is a digital newsstand through which you can access newspapers and magazines on the go, Kwanza – a digital advertising network platform for publishers as well as Ezy Gazeti which is also a digital newsstand powered by Zantel.


Our very first product, M-Paper is the future of newspapers, and as the pandemic is causing the world to take preventative measures for their own safety and health what better way to consume news than to do it digitally. With M-Paper, you can now have the news follow you, be it via your computer, tablet, or even smartphone. Never miss a single copy of your favorite local newspapers and magazines as you can have them downloaded and stored on your M-Paper in advance before the physical papers roll out the next day. M-Paper has truly changed the way people consume news because you don’t have to worry about missing a copy of a newspaper or a particular page getting spoilt. Information and news are always at your fingertips anywhere and anytime for you to enjoy, and at only half the price! Click here to read M-Paper now.



Kwanza is a digital advertising network platform that gives publishers access to digital ad placements and more importantly African publishers. Through Kwanza, publishers can now publish their ads on almost all local and international sites. This is exciting as there was a limitation of sites to which local advertisers could post their ads, but our integration with some of the biggest sites and publishing networks on the planet makes publishing an ad much easier for any publisher in Africa. Now publishers can enjoy easy access to having their ads shown on numerous sites across the continent and the world. Kwanza is curated for the African market and publishers with a user engine that caters to their needs. Get detailed insights from your campaign by getting statistics on reach, clicks, engagement, and other analytics-based reports that will give you more information on your audience, and how best to reach them. Kwanza is truly the future of African advertising as the future is truly digital. Reach the right people easily visit the Kwanza site today click here.



Ezy Gazeti is a product owned by one of Tanzania’s leading telecoms – Zantel.  Zantel in its mission to create digital solutions for its users and promoting the use of Ezy Pesa to its customers decided to introduce Ezy Gazeti to the market with the help of Smart Foundry. The goal was to help its customer stay ahead by consuming news easily and affordably. Through its Ezy Pesa service, customers can easily make payments for their subscriptions and effortlessly enjoy their favorite newspapers anywhere and anytime. Customers can read all their favorite new and old newspapers through the comfort of their devices at only half the price. With Ezy Gazeti unlike M-Paper, you can enjoy daily, weekly or monthly subscriptions of newspapers not only from Tanzania mainland but also from Zanzibar. You can also download and read old newspapers on the go. Click this link to experience Ezy Gazeti

Let our innovative team craft your product today with the right technology in mind so you can make a mark on the market. Subscribe to our newsletter for more information and updates on our products and services.  

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